There will be some problems in the process of reproducing aluminum alloy die castings, such as sand holes and water marks. I think the generation of these problems is not the most important thing. The most important thing is how to avoid and solve them. We, Enchuang Technology Die Casting Factory, have 13 years of die casting experience and have accumulated a lot of experience. If you need it, you must come to us. Let’s analyze why aluminum alloy die castings produce water marks.

There are many reasons for water marks, the most common ones are low mold temperature; insufficient pressure; too much release agent; unsmooth flow channel, etc. How to determine the specific reasons? Let’s analyze the reasons for water marks on aluminum alloy die castings. There may be the following aspects:

1. Uneven mold temperature. The surface temperature of the mold is not uniform during die casting, which causes the molten aluminum alloy to flow at different speeds during solidification, resulting in water marks.

2. Unreasonable die casting process parameters. For example, the die casting pressure, speed, temperature and other parameter settings are not in line with the current situation, which will cause the aluminum alloy to flow poorly, solidify unevenly, and cause water marks.

3. High oxide content in the molten metal. During the melting process of aluminum alloy, if oxides are generated and accumulated, water marks will appear on the surface of the aluminum alloy.

4. The surface roughness of the mold is large. If the surface of the mold is not precise enough and is very rough, the bubbles and oxide scale on the surface of the aluminum alloy will be fixed on the surface of the aluminum alloy, resulting in the appearance of water marks.

The above are the reasons for the appearance of water marks on aluminum alloy die castings. If you have any questions, please send me a private message.