Aluminum alloy die-casting products are used in automobiles, engineering construction, electric power, electronics, computers, household appliances, high-fidelity speakers, military ships, aviation, aerospace and other military fields.

Aluminum alloy die-casting is an industry that can be rapidly formed and mass-produced. Most of them are customized products. It uses high pressure to force molten metal into complex-shaped metal molds. It is a precision casting method.

Aluminum alloy die castings can be reused, greatly improving efficiency. The mechanical strength and elongation of aluminum alloys are lower than the required standards, which will damage the die castings, so they need to be made strictly according to the requirements. There are many reasons for this, let’s take a look at it

1. The chemical composition of aluminum alloy does not meet the standards.

2. There are pores, shrinkage cavities, slag inclusions, etc. inside the casting.

3. The sample processing methods are not equal.

4. The structure of the casting is unreasonable, which limits the casting to meet the standards.

5. Improper smelting process.

When we encounter these situations, we must deal with them in time, otherwise the subsequent processing will be very troublesome. The following are the troubleshooting measures:

1. The chemical composition and impurity content must be strictly controlled when melting ingredients.

2. Strictly abide by the smelting process.

3. Make samples as required, and conduct technical tests on castings regularly during production.

4. Strictly control the alloy melting temperature and pouring temperature, and try to eliminate various factors that cause the alloy to form oxides. If you want to know more relevant information, you can consult Dongguan Enchuang Technology. We focus on the customization of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and magnesium alloy die castings, with advanced equipment and rich experience.