Metal materials are widely used in our daily lives. They can be subdivided into two types, metals and alloys. Metal materials have many physical properties, such as the following;

1. High strength: can withstand large external and internal forces. Also resistant to wear and corrosion
2. High density: high density, can be used to construct heavy buildings
3. Good thermal conductivity: can transfer heat to the air, good thermal conductivity
4. Good conductivity: can be used in the production of electronic components and used as wires for current transmission.
5. Good alloy properties: multiple elements can be mixed to form alloys, improving material toughness and corrosion properties.
6. It has a special metallic luster. Except for mercury, it is all solid, heavy and insoluble. Most of it can be sliced or drawn into filaments.
7. Metal resistance increases with temperature and has a positive temperature coefficient of resistance.

In addition to physical properties, there are also chemical properties, such as:
1. Tungsten: extremely high melting point
2. Copper: good electrical conductivity
3. Gold: good malleability
4. Platinum: good ductility
5. Mercury: liquid at room temperature

Metal materials are generally used in industry, such as electronic components, heavy construction, automotive parts, aerospace, military equipment, furniture, etc. In contrast, alloys have better corrosion resistance, hardness, strength, melting point

resistance, hardness, strength, melting point
Metal phones are stronger and more durable. Thanks to the nature of the metal itself, it is stronger than plastic. After years of technological development, the hardness of aluminum alloy has also been greatly improved, and the safety factor is higher.

Apple mobile phones are made of high-quality metal materials, such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel, to ensure the stability and durability of the mobile phone. Aluminum alloy is one of the common materials. It has good toughness and heat dissipation, and also has good performance in texture and appearance. Stainless steel has higher hardness and corrosion resistance, providing stronger support for the phone.