Zinc alloy die casting blistering problem may be due to a variety of reasons, including alloy composition, die casting process parameters, mold design and so on. To solve the blistering problem need to systematically analyze and take corresponding measures. The following are some suggestions:

Adjustment of alloy composition:

Check the composition of the alloy to ensure it is of the required quality. Impurities or high gas content in the alloy may cause blistering. If the alloy composition is questionable, consider replacing it with a better quality alloy.

Optimization of die casting process parameters:

Re-evaluate die casting process parameters, including injection speed, injection pressure, mold temperature, etc. Proper process parameters help to minimize blistering by reducing gas retention and improving the filling effect of the metallic liquid.

Control metal temperature:

Ensure that the temperature of the metal fluid is within the appropriate range. Excessively high or low temperatures may result in the release of gases and poor metal fluidity. Control the metal temperature by adjusting the furnace temperature and holding time.

Add degasser:

The use of suitable degassing agents helps to reduce the amount of gas in the metal. This can be achieved by adding specific degassing agents to the alloy. However, care needs to be taken in the use of degassers to ensure that they are compatible with the alloy.

Improved mold design:

Check the mold design, especially the channel and air intake system. Properly designing the air intake system to avoid dead spots and blockages will help minimize gas intake. Ensure that gas can be removed efficiently.

Reduce the mold temperature:

Excessive mold temperatures may cause the metal to cure rapidly in the mold, resulting in the retention of gases. Appropriately lowering the mold temperature will help slow down the cure rate and improve the flow of the metal.

Addition of a casting system:

Adding a pouring system can help improve metal flow and reduce gas retention. Consider adjusting the location and design of the pouring system to ensure that the metal flows smoothly into the mold cavity.

Check the surface of the mold:

Check the mold surface for flatness, damage or buildup. Damage or buildup can lead to gas intake and cause foaming problems.

When implementing these improvements, it is recommended to do so gradually, adjusting one parameter or taking one measure at a time, in order to more accurately determine the root cause of the problem. If the problem persists, more detailed process analysis and optimization may be required.

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