The use environment of the die-cast mold is high temperature. In the production process, the zinc alloy die-casting mold also needs to bear huge alternating operating stress. If the mold is used improperly, its life will be shortened, such to cracking and other damage.

Zinc alloy die casting manufacturers in mold material selection, will choose imported 8407 steel, which compared with traditional steel, it has more stamping resistance and high hardness to reduce the occurrence of thermal cracking, so as to effectively improve the service life of the mold.

On the other hand, in the design aspect, mold engineers should choose inserts more when designing wall thickness. On the other hand, high-precision die-casting factory workers should try to close the mold and reduce the cooling water when temporarily shut down, in this way, we can prevent the restart of the mold to bear the thermal shock.

In addition, the cooling water temperature is supposed to control at 40-50℃ to ensure proper cooling of the mold.

The mold designed by Enchuang can withstand consideration, and the zinc alloy tooling life can reach 300,000 shots. It is a good choice to choose Enchuang to customize the high-pressure die-casting housings.