At present, there are more and more zinc alloy die casting factories, and many purchasers found it’s difficult for them to choose suppliers. However, for customize aluminum alloy die casting molds, we suggest to find a die casting factory with an independent mold room to make it. In such way, the die casting plant can control the quality and cycle time of the product.

Because the die casting factory with the mold department can independently complete all aspects of the production of zinc alloy die casting molds without external distribution, so that the quality, construction period and precision of the mold can be well controlled.

In addition, aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers can also carry out regular maintenance of the molds. Because the mold is an essential tool for the mass production of die casting, aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers need to provide effective maintenance and maintenance for various processing equipment, so as to prolong the service life of zinc alloy die casting molds.

Enchuang Aluminum alloy die casting mold life around 100 thousand to 150 thousand shots.