Zinc alloy die casting mold structure composition

The mold structure of zinc alloy die casting is composed of fixed mold and moving mold, moving die mounting plate moving, fixed die closing and opening.


The fixed mold is the main component of the die casting mold. The fixed mold is connected with the injection port of the die casting machine and is fixed in the injection port of the die casting machine and communicated with the casting system. It is an important part of the die casting cavity.

It is mainly composed of fixed mold insert block, fixed mold sleeve plate, guide column, inclined guide column, gate sleeve, fixed mold core pulling mechanism and so on.

Moving die is another important component of die-casting die, moving die and fixed die form another part of the die-casting forming part of the whole, it is generally fixed in the die casting machine plate, with the plate for merging movement, and fixed die part separated and closed.

The general core-pulling structure and ejection structure are mostly in this part.

When the mold is closed, the moving mold and the fixed mold are closed to form the mold cavity.


When lifting the mold, the moving die and the fixed die are separated, and the extrusion structure pushes the zinc alloy die castings out of the cavity.www.diecastingconnector.com


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