Why we should design the overflow tank of the die casting mold

Under the premise of satisfying the function of products, rational die-casting mold design and simplified mold structure can reduce the cost of die-casting.

The zinc alloy die casting mold will carry on the overflow tank design, but do you know why should design this?

First of all, the overflow groove design is easy to remove from the casting, and try not to damage the casting body.

The overflow port should be opened to prevent the cold liquid, slag, gas and paint in the liquid metal from returning to the mold cavity and causing casting defects.

When the exhaust slot is opened on the overflow slot, attention should be paid to the position of the overflow port to avoid the premature blocking of the exhaust slot.

Reasonable design of overflow groove can reduce defects of zinc alloy die casting and improve casting quality, so overflow groove design is also very important.http://www.diecastingconnector.com/index.html


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