Why We Need to Keep the Workshop Clean

 Zinc alloy has good formability and die-casting performance. And the processing costs is low but with high production efficiency. Therefore, zinc alloy is widely used in the production of die-casting parts.



Some die casting parts have strick appearance requirement. Hence, the die casting factory need to keep clean when die casting such product. Because zinc alloy die castings will turn black once they are contaminated. What's more, once the impurities mixed in the process, the quality of zinc alloy die-casting parts will be decreased.  Some of them even have to be scrapped. Not only cosmetic part, the appearance of  is an important factor for the die casting's quality. Therefore, zinc alloy die casting requires a clean environment from raw materials to finished products.  In addition, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the zinc alloy die-casting process, the die-casting plant will also clean the die-casting parts.



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