Why Manufacture Connectors shell With Zinc Die Castings

1.Precise dimension tolerances
2.Components can be cast with very thin walls
3.Opportunity to incorporate complex designs into a single casting
4.Ability to produce connectors that have small cored holes, minimum side wall draft
5.Long lasting, low maintenance dies
6.Proven for many styles of connector and other applications: threaded reduces requirements for secondary operations
7.Zinc die casting produces multi-cavity, complex shapes within closer tolerances than many other production processes.
8.Cost for zinc alloy electroplating 20-30% less than aluminium alloy electroplating.

Why zinc alloys die casting parts are ideally suited to electronic connecting components?

1.Offers excellent EMI/RFI shielding characteristics
2.Easily plated/superior finish/highly aesthetic
3.Stronger, stiffer, tougher than many conventional materials
4.Zinc alloys to choose from include Zamak 3, Zamak 5.
5.Longer mold life to insure supply large quantities of orders.

Industrial connector fiber optic and electronics connectors made as zinc die castings offer the following benefits...

1.Cost savings over other manufacturing methods
2.Durable zinc alloy die castings parts with outstanding finishes
3.Reliable, repeatable manufacturing processes equates to high volume and best of quality production runs.http://www.diecastingconnector.com/index.html


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