What should we pay attention to in repairing welding of zinc alloy die casting die

Welding is widely used in the repair of zinc alloy die casting die.

The adjustment of casting system can be corrected by welding and filling.Then die casting mold repair welding need to pay attention to what?

First, clean the surface of  the mold and dehumidify and preheat the electrode before welding.

To ensure the smooth penetration and bonding of molten metal during welding, proper u-slot must be provided for crack cracks in molds.



The high hardenability of the mold determines that it cannot be welded at room temperature, because welding at room temperature, the welding site cracking, which is the result of low temperature martensite brittle cracking.

Therefore, the welding site must be preheated to the specified temperature range.

Zinc alloy die casting die, die welding pay attention to the above problems, can effectively extend the life of the die, improve our production efficiency.www.diecastingconnector.com


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