What's wrong with zinc alloy die castings yellowing after electroplating

After the zinc alloy die casting parts are decorated with the electroplating surface treatment process, the die casting parts will become brighter, more beautiful and more metallic, but they will show a little episode in the production process. What's wrong with zinc alloy die castings yellowing after electroplating?
There are six main reasons for zinc alloy die castings to yellow after electroplating. Dongguan Zinc Alloy Die Casting Editor here gives us a summary:

① The coating of zinc alloy die casting parts NG will lead to yellowing;

② The high vacancy rate of the coating causes yellowing;

③ The plating solution contains impurities, and the contamination causes yellowing of the die casting parts;

④ The duration of electroplating will also lead to yellowing of zinc alloy die castings;

⑤ Washing NG after electroplating will cause yellowing;

⑥ Electroplating placed in the messy, messy and dirty space in the future will also lead to yellowing of zinc alloy die castings.

After discovering the cause of the problem, find a corresponding solution to solve the problem: the plating layer and plating space of the plating should be controlled, the impurities in the plating solution should be stopped, and the length of the plating should be controlled. After electroplating, water washing should be in place, it is necessary to place it in a clean, neat and ventilated space. increase the overflow groove; properly adjust the filling speed to change the flow state of the molten metal filled cavity; paint use thin and even methods to prevent.

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