What processes are required for an attractive die casting products

Die casting it is a metal die casting process characterized by applying high pressure to molten metal by means of a mold cavity
Firstly, we should like to know the key points of die casting:1.die casting machine  2.mould 3.materials .let is to know step by step:
1.Die casting machine:hot chamber die casting machine;cold chamber die casting machine. Enchuang have 10 pcs of zinc alloy customized die casting machine and 2 pcs of aluminum customized die casting machine which be enough to large quantity production.

2.Mould:Enchuang used H13/8407 of mold core materials;45#/R50 mold base.

3.Materials:Zinc alloy/ Aluminum/Magnesium alloy/Copper alloy etc.

Secondly, processing of die casting : Products of die casting --Degating -- Drilling,Tapping -- CNC  turning -- Burring --- Polishing,Grinding -- Surface treatment--Whole inspection ---Package -- shipping, The process sequence can be adjusted according to the actual structure of the products.

Enchuang future goal of company: To be the most professional electronic metal parts supplier, it mainly engaged zinc/aluminum die casting parts, business range: connector housing like *EV connectors-High voltage and large current connectors;*Industrial connectors;*Communication connectors;* Automotive connectors;*Medical connectors.www.diecastingconnector.com


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