What kind of material should be used for high-quality zinc alloy die castings

As one of the most commonly used die castings, zinc alloy die castings are used in many fields. This is because zinc alloy die castings have the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc., and their prices are relatively cheap, so it is possible For a long time in the future, zinc alloy die castings will occupy the dominant position in the die casting industry, but how can we make high-end zinc alloy die castings?



The so-called selection of good materials can make good products. If you want to make good zinc alloy die castings, you need to choose high-quality die-cast zinc alloys. Die-cast zinc alloys usually contain aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium and other elements, the content of these elements will directly affect the performance of zinc alloy die castings. For example, copper can increase the hardness and strength of the alloy. Improve the wear resistance of the alloy; But too much will make die casting size and mechanical strength change due to aging ; Reduces the extensibility of the alloy. Magnesium can reduce intergranular corrosion, refine the alloy structure, thereby increasing the strength of the alloy and improving the anti-wear properties of the alloy. However, excessive magnesium will result in hot brittleness, decreased toughness and reduced fluidity.



Therefore, if you want to make high-quality zinc alloy die-casting parts, you need to make high-quality die-casting zinc alloys according to your needs. Enchuang Die Casting has been engaged in the customization of zinc alloy die castings and aluminum alloy die castings for 10 years. It can independently complete all the die casting process customization. For high-quality zinc  alloy die castings, please refer to Enchuang Die Casting.www.diecastingconnector.com



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