What is the parting surface of die casting mold

The contact surface between the fixed die-casting mold and the moving die-casting mold of the zinc alloy die casting is usually been called:Parting surface.

Parting surface which is determined by the parting line of the casting.The parting surface is affected by casting mold forming position/casting system design/casting process and precision.So the selection of parting surface should be analyzed comprehensively.
The parting surface shall be at the maximum section of the casting, and the parting surface shall be designed to facilitate the smooth demoulding.
Minimize the projected area of the product in the mold closing direction to reduce the required clamping force.
The parting surface is designed to meet the requirements of casting appearance quality as much as possible and ensure the casting accuracy.
The parting surface design of zinc alloy die casting mould will directly affect the mould structure and then affect the product quality.
It can be said that the parting surface design is reasonable,die-cast products will not have so many defects.


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