What do you see behind the war against COVID 2019

The COVID-2019 is a disaster for China and a disaster for the world too. At this unfortunate time, our motherland is always behind us. The disaster has also demonstrated the strong leadership and organizational capabilities of China. It also reflects the spirit of unity in the deep souls of Chinese. In the face of obstacles and difficulties, we are never alone, we all work together to solve the problems!

During the Spring Festival( the most important festival in China), Chinese people answered the government's call to cancel all celebrations and gatherings. And stay at home as much as possible. All of us would like to support our fellow citizens on the front lines. By staying at home, we keep our country safe; we keep others safe; and we keep ourselves safe. In the past, we would like to visit families (especially those older than yourself) and friends to pass on our good wishes for the New Year. But this year we can’t go out because of this virus. Therefore we change the form of a video call to pass on our good wishes to our friends and relatives. We all look forward to stopping the major epidemic. Then we can make an appointment with several friends to enjoy the warm sunshine and peaceful time. Now, the people like us who unable to go to the front should pray for them, and hope they can come back safely.




Nothing is difficult to a willing heart! The Chinese nation with a history of five thousand years has faced countless disasters and challenges, and the Chinese never been defeated. I am strongly convinced that this time won’t be an exception. As long as we can work together, we will get the final victory! Go China!www.diecastingconnector.com


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