The way to deburring the zinc alloy die casting parts


Burrs is a kind of defective of zinc alloy parts, but burr and blade always appear in zinc alloy die casting raw material.

So, how many kinds of deburring method to remove the burrs and blade from the die casting parts?

1. Manual deburring

This is also the general method of zinc alloy die casting, using file, sandpaper, grinding first as the auxiliary tool. Suitable for small burrs and simple product structure.

2. Deburring the die

Using the customized die molding with a punching machine to remove the burrs from zinc alloy parts. It is suitable for the product with thick inlet or complex product surface overlapped by the bridge, which is more efficient than manual work.

3. Grinding and removing burrs


This kind of deburring includes vibration, sandblasting, roller and other ways, which is suitable for small products with large batch and not high requirements on the surface.

4. Freeze to remove burrs

The cooling method is used to make the burrs brittle quickly. It is suitable for products with smaller wall thickness and smaller product sizes.


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