The reason why the hardness of the die casting tooling become lower

In the production of zinc alloy die casting tooling. The improper operation will lead to bad hardness performance of the tooling, which will also affect the quality and useful life of the tooling.



Then why the hardness of the tooling become lower? What are the causes of low hardness?


1. The die forging process is not correct

2.Not very well annealed,

3.Poor spheroidization of tooling steel.

4. Insufficient quenching and cooling of zinc alloy die casting tooling,

5.Undertempering or over tempering,

6. The decarbonizing layer on the surface of the mold is not removed when quenching is heated.

The reasons above reduce the hardness of the tooling.


To sum up, the hardness of the die casting mold determines the service life and the quality of the tooling. Paying attention to the above reasons can prevent the hardness of the tooling from becoming lower, thus greatly improving our production efficiency and shortening the delivery time.



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