Solving the Zinc Alloy connector 96H salt spray test

Salt spray test is an important inspection process for Zinc Alloy products which can test the corrosion resistance in simulated salt environment.Especially for Industrial connector we make for ITT, Amphenol, IMS...Normally this testing request 24H-48H for zinc alloy connector.

Now our Japanese customer require grade 10 salt spray test(96H). Its really hard project to crack.The causes of blistering after salt fog are summarized, including surface sanding and surface densification. After analyzeing we decide to bear the continuous pressure and temperature when salt fog. Then the connector passed the test successfully. 

Enchuang specialize in OEM manufacturing to produce high quality zinc alloy die casting.
Our business range: metal housing for industrial connector, automotive connector, communication connector, computer connectors and customized electronic parts etc.

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