Mold designing principles in die casting factory

In die-casting industry, mold is an indispensable part of the die-casting process. Therefore the quality of mold directly determines the quality and effect of die casting. So what principles do zinc alloy die casting manufacturers need in mold design?


  1. Before designing, the designer should fully decompress the use and structural characteristics of the die casting components, and then design mold surface, cavity, and demolding form according to those factors.


  1. Designers should consider the actual on-site processing capacity of die casting molds, on-site equipment and the technical level of operators. Combining theory with practice, and then designing the mold that conforms to the field processing ability is designed.


  1. We are supposed to choose suitable mold These materials need to have heat resistance, deformation resistance, corrosion resistance, and meet the requirements of processing technology and cold and hot treatment process.


  1. The mold design should have the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, flexible operation, safe and reliable, low cost, high die casting efficiency, easy installation, disassembly, etc.


  1. Mold design should be feasible the parts should be universal to improve the service life of the mold. What’s more, there should leave space for mold repair that can be convenient for later modification.


Independent design and manufacturing ability of molds can better control the quality of the tooling. Enchuang Zinc alloy die casting factory insists on designing and manufacturing the molds independently. The mold designing engineers and manufacturing masters have more than 15 years of experience in the die-casting industry, then, we can assure the designed molds meet the production requirements.


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