Learning and Sharing After Exhibition

  As an old saying goes,” One discovers his ignorance only through learning.” Learning is endless! After attending the SPS2019, Enchuang zinc alloy die-casting Manufacturer appreciated the unique design style of the booth of some exhibitors. After the exhibition, Enchuang specially invited the ADAMICU company to our company to share the overall planning of their exhibition.

  After the discussion, We got the information are the following: The design of the exhibition hall, product placement, and poster design are necessary to design carefully in advance. We are supposed to spend several months to prepare for the exhibition. Such as we need to consider where to place the product is better for showing and how to design the poster can highlight our brand, etc. Before the exhibition, we should not only know about the exhibitors but also understand the competitiveness and potential customers. It is necessary to prepare small gifts. Although the gift is small, It represents a kind of mind, and the small gift can also show own company information to a certain extent, so that is a way to advertise a company. Therefore the designing and buying of gifts are brought to the forefront for us. What’s more, the professionalism and enthusiasm must be shown 100% in the exhibition. And we need to talk with the customer as a friend, not a sale.

  The exhibition area just like a battlefield where have competitors but also have Like-minded friends and potential customers. And we can learn from each other. We learned a lot of knowledge during the exchange meeting. We believe that we can do better, and plan the exhibition better. Therefore, we would like to thank ADAMICU company for sharing their exhibition planning.www.diecastingconnector.com



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