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We all know that most of the metal casting process are part of the sample to map custom processing, then we casting china foundry for everyone to look at a few major steps to resolve the following Custom Die Casting mold design, for your reference.

metal casting mold design steps are as follows:
1, die casting process analysis, including alloy, casting structure and die casting technical analysis;
2, the process design, including the sub-surface, gate location, pouring spill system, the number of cavity, the core of the program and the number of die casting out of the program, die-casting machine selection and other aspects of the selection and set;
3, pouring and overflow system design. We casting supplier, including the determination of process parameters, the calculation of the gate size, the shape of the casting system to determine the shape and the location of the exhaust slag bag size calculation;
4, Injection casting mold design. Including inserts, cavities, core pulling, ejection, cooling water, heating pipes and other aspects of the design.
5, die casting mold design.
6, die casting mold parts design.


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