How to prevent the COVID 2019 at home

Recently, the COVID-2019, a highly infectious global epidemic disease, caused many people's panic. A lot of people are nervous about it.



Although the new virus scares us, we are supposed to treat it in the right way. We should believe our country and believe our medical care people. And we believe we can work together to overcome this difficulty. The battle to COVID-2019 will succeed.
The following are Enchuang, a zinc alloy die casting manufacturer share with you about how to prevent the COVID-2019 with a scientific attitude.


1. Keep indoor air ventilation: The air indoor is stagnant than outside. the density of bacteria increases with the time goes on. Therefore, it is necessary for us to open doors and windows regularly for ventilation.
2. Don’t gather in a crowd: We are not supposed to the place with airless and crowded.
3. Washing your hands frequently: Wash hands before meals; keep hands clean; wipe hands and table regularly with disinfectant fluid.
4. Go out less: We should not go out for wandering unless necessary.
5. Wearing a mask: You must wear a surgical mask if you have to go outside.
6. Pay attention to diet: do not eat exotic animals, do not contact with wild animals.
7. See a doctor: Seek medical advice if you feel unwell.

Winter and spring are the seasons of high incidence of respiratory diseases, we must improve the awareness of protection. The outbreak of COVID-2019 may be terrible, but we should believe in strong countries and strong medical technology. We should believe that one day, the epidemic will be effectively controlled and the COVID-2019 will be defeated. The Chinese nation has faced countless great difficulties, and have not been knocked down. At this time, I believe we can win the battle against


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