How to choose the die casting material for different products

Zinc alloy die-casting develops earlier than aluminum alloy die casting. Therefore, Zinc alloy die-casting technology is comparatively mature. Zinc alloy is widely used in the connector industry, furniture hardware decorative hardware and lock accessories. However, how to choose the material when we face different die casting parts?


Zamak3# possesses good fluidity and mechanical properties that can be used in the castings with low mechanical strength requirements, such as decorations, toy accessories, and lamp fittings.

Zamak5# has good mechanical properties, and the fluidity is better than zamark3# and. Then It is applied to the castings with certain requirements on mechanical strength, such as auto parts, electromechanical parts, mechanical parts, electrical components and so on.


When we get an inquiry from customers, we will choose the material according to the above if they ask us to give an advance. But if they assign the material, we will respect them to use as their


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