How to Choose the Base Material of the Die Casting Mold

How to choose the base material of The die casting mold
The base material of the die casting mold is an important part, it could Determine the mold useful life.The material selection determines many important properties of the mold, such as plasticity, toughness,thermal conductivity, crushing characteristics, resistance to elevated temperatures, anti-tempering, thermal expansion coefficient,etc.

1.The plasticity,strength and creep strength of material sat high temperature Are the main factors determining the degree of crack generation. The toughness of the material determines the extent of crack propagation.
2.High thermal conductivity can reduce the temperature difference of the die Casting mold and reduce the thermal stress.
3.Low thermal expansion coefficient means small expansion volume and Small thermal stress accumulation.
4.High yield strength at high temperature is conducive to fighting against mold cracking.
5.Tempering resistance is the resistance of the die casting mold to high Temperature for along time.
6.Choose high quality die steel, high purity and uniformity of steel, less impurities is the key to durability.
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