How can die casting manufacturers improve the deformation defects of die castings

What is the analysis of die pull for zinc alloy die casting manufacturers? Die pulling is a band-shaped scar on the die casting surface with a certain depth because die casting is damaged on the surface of the cavity. Therefore, when the top of the casting comes out, the only deviation can be completed. When this happens, adjust the iron content of the top and the alloy in time to ensure the balance when protruding. It also helps to improve the surface quality of die casting, including proper adjustment of the direction of the inner gate, and control of mold problems.

Deformation is the shape change of zinc alloy die casting. The factors that cause this phenomenon are that the mold is opened too fast, the rigidity of the casting is not good, the installation of the ejector rod is unreasonable, including the improper structural design of the casting. For these reasons, the improvement method is also carried out from improving the casting structure, rationally installing the top position and quantity.


Zinc alloy dies casting is the process of hydraulically casting molten metal under high temperature and high pressure. In addition to preventing the die-casting from deforming, this process must also control the die casting temperature and mold temperature to prevent other defects.
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