How a die casting parts from drawings to the real parts

Die casting order process: 

2D/3D drawing → evaluate and quote → If the price accepted by the two parties and confirmed the final drawing→ make a PI for customer(or customer sent us PO)→customer transfer the down payment→Sales sent order to PMC→ Engineering design mold drawing → mold making→ finished,mold first trial → sent samples to customer and let they confirm → (if any problems then modify the mould,and sent samples to customer again) →After customer confirm samples are OK, then place the order of mass production → sales sent order to PMC → Pre-production meeting → die-cast→ remove gage blocks,remove excessive flash(burr) → Drilling,Tapping→ CNC→polishing → surface treatment → QC →packing→shipment



Enchuang produces a professional connector metal hood for Amphenol, ITT, IMS.

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