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Recently, a case of horror in India has not only been falsified by mistakes, but also expressed disbelief. Xiao Zhuang of the zinc alloy die-casting factory also felt incredible. A woman suspected of being mistaken for something and was urgently treated. Unexpectedly, during the gastric lavage process, the woman’s head suddenly and burst into white smoke, and the students on the spot were all caught off guard. On the spot on the operating table. At first, she just felt a stomachache and she didn't take it seriously. However, after a period of time, the woman felt that her flatulence was accompanied by pain. The woman was so painful that she could not stand the waist and was sent to accept. Upon arrival, the woman lost consciousness and fainted, and the child quickly checked the woman. The initial judgment was caused by food, and the woman’s family also reported that she had eaten food and would fall. Since the cause is determined, it is necessary to take the time to diagnose and treat the woman. After eating the food, the step should be to let the damage of the food fall. Generally, the student will choose to wash the stomach, so that the patient can spit out food, so the student is also born. Ready to do this, when the gastric lavage instrument reached the stomach and began to rinse, I did not expect an accident. In the video, the woman’s head sparked at the time, directly, releasing a large amount of white smoke, which allowed the students and nurses present. Wrong.



Physical and chemical properties of aluminum alloy parts 1. Material properties, low density of aluminum alloy parts, but high strength, close to or beyond high-quality steel, good plasticity, can be processed, with electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, Widely used in industry, the amount of application is second only to steel. Some aluminum alloy parts can be heat treated to achieve good mechanical, physical and corrosion resistance. Hard aluminum alloy belongs to AI-Cu-Mg system, generally contains a small amount of Mn, which can be heat treated and strengthened. It is characterized by high hardness but poor plasticity. Super-hard aluminum is a Cu-Mg-Zn system, which can be heat-treated and strengthened. It is an aluminum alloy with room strength at room temperature, but has poor corrosion resistance and high temperature softening. The wrought aluminum alloy is mainly an Al-Zn-Mg-Si alloy. Although it has many types of elements, it has a small content, so it has thermoplasticity and is suitable for casting, so it is also called cast aluminum alloy.

Hongmei connector technology, zinc alloy die-casting factory should require short mold production cycle, due to the new product exchange and market competition, in order to supply die castings as soon as possible, therefore the mold production cycle is required to be shorter and shorter, in the mold production management, design and Process work should be required, and the precision of die-casting parts manufactured by high-precision, high-life, and high-rate molds is higher. Enchuang Technology generally requires that the new mold sample must be completed within 3 times of full-size OK, and the appearance is OK. T1 test model to see product structure, water pattern, full size inspection. The T2 test mode verifies that some of the defects in the mold repair are in place. The basic appearance of the T3 sample is OK, and the FAI can be submitted to the customer for recognition.

Zinc alloy die-casting plant analyzes the precautions when surface treatment of zinc-aluminum alloy. Die-casting machine, die-casting alloy and die-casting die are the three major elements of die-casting production. The so-called die-casting process is to comprehensively apply these three elements. It can stably and rhythmically produce qualified castings with good appearance, good internal quality, and the size meets the requirements of drawings or agreements, and even high-quality castings. The melting temperature of the material, the mold temperature and the melt temperature during the injection; the pressure of the casting machine, the clamping force, the mold opening force, the injection pressure ratio and the injection speed required according to the workpiece.



On the 3rd of November, under the preparation of the Ministry of Administration, the family members of Enchuang ushered in the October birthday party. At 18:10, the colleagues in the administrative department began to work hard, cut fruits, set the dishes, poured drinks, and inserted candles. The whole conference room was filled with the atmosphere of joy. Light the candle, sing a birthday song, and taste the birthday cake in a laughter. Then the host started some small, talking about mystery, guessing idioms, grouping on balloons, and so on. The winning team will also win prizes, including various daily chemicals. Enchuang's birthday stars are all loaded with a return, ending the October birthday party in a laughter. Zinc Alloy Die-casting Factory--Enchuang's monthly employee birthday meeting not only enriched our life, but also inspired all employees of Enchuang to work hard for Enchuang in the zinc alloy die-casting industry. With the development of network technology, more and more buyers, through, and find manufacturers. However, there is a high probability that the factory information on the network may be stolen, and it is highly probable that it is not in line with the facts. So how do you judge whether zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers have strength?

When customers are looking for a die-casting factory, they first identify the truth, then look at the strength, and then choose the strength to confirm whether it is appropriate. However, some customers like to choose the surrounding zinc alloy die-casting plant. Why is this? Choosing a peripheral die-casting factory, we can first control the products in real time. In the process of mass production of the products, what problems can be encountered, and timely communication with the customer site and solve the problem. Of course, we choose a peripheral die-casting plant to reduce the cost of intermediate transportation and avoid the cost of intermediate traders. At the same time, we choose the surrounding area, the quality control is good, and the delivery time will be advanced, which can help customers to seize the market opportunities. Direct docking source manufacturers, after-sales protection. If you are looking for a zinc alloy die-casting factory in Dongguan, then Enchuang Technology is guaranteed in terms of quality, delivery and after-sales service. From mold design to surface treatment, one-stop die-casting factory, no need to go out, let you worry.

What factors will affect the accuracy of die-casting dimensions, the rationality of product drawings, the possibility of die-casting technology, and the possibility of mass production. From these three aspects, the whole process from die-casting blanks to finished parts is selected. Tolerance for each size. It is generally believed that precision die-casting parts should also be sized for the same size of the same casting, and can be divided into three types according to the degree of tolerance of each type of die-casting, that is, general size, strict size, and high-precision size.

Reasonable pricing: In the current market situation where the competition is fierce, zinc alloy die-casting processing plants must pay attention to the reasonable price of the products in order to avoid the sales price, so as to avoid selling the customers because of the high price of the molds, resulting in low sales. No product, no matter what industry he is, no matter what product he is, we will treat each other equally and establish a good relationship with customers.


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