High Precision Three-core FAKAR connector shell

Enchuang Precision Metal Technology Co.,Ltd as a professional Connector Shell die-casting manufacturer in connector Industry and have been the golden supplier for many well-known connector company. Such as Amphenol / ITT / V-tech.
Enchuang Company operating for more than 10 years, through continuous technical accumulation. Now, we could produce higher precision and less error connector shell.
Recently,our customer Amphenol in Shenzhen developed a customized FAKRA connector shell with us.Zinc Alloy material ,surface treatment is Fog Tin plating.High temperature testing passed 260℃.The most difficult point is the thickness of the three-core Terminal is very thin and tolerance +/-0.02mm only.After day and night researching&testing,we solved this problem perfectly.



Manufacturer for :EV connector housing , Communication connector housing , Industry connector housing , Medical connector housing ....
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