Good News: Wuhan Re-opened

After two months resisting of COVID-19, Wuhan is today re-opened on 8th April 2020, and 1.4 billion people send our best wishes to Wuhan, a city of hero. The blessing is no exception with Enchuang, a zinc alloy die casting factory.



The re-opened not means that the battle fight against the coronavirus was won. We are supposed to continue to be vigilant and do not slack off.
With the outbreak of the epidemic in our country, It seems that the "pause" button falls on Wuhan suddenly. Under the support of countless heroes of medical workers, police, epidemic prevention workers and so on, who have gone to the front to fight against the COVID-19 without hesitation, and Wuhan is gradually recovering now. Nowadays, we have won the victory of prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in this stage. On 00:00 am, 8th April 2020, all the barriers in Wuhan were removed, and Wuhan city, Hubei province opened the channel and reconnected with the outside world.


The exciting is not only belongs to Wuhan but also belongs to the whole country. It means we will turn our new life soon. Even so, we still need to Strengthen the awareness towards epidemic prevention. Keep the clean environment at home and do not participate in group activities. What’s more, It’s necessary to wear a mask when you go out. No matter who you are, all of us are the participants in this battle, and we are supposed to something about this. What’s more, we are also the strong backing of Wuhan.



At this exciting time, all colleagues in Enchuang, a custom zinc/aluminum alloy die-casting connector shell manufacturer, send our beat sincere blessings to Wuhan. Let us witness the rebirth of this special city together. Let's fight against the virus together! Come on!


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