Fun Games with Leisure Time

◆Sports ◆Health ◆Happiness

In order to respond to the national call of the "national movement", and achieve the values ​​of “use our love to benefit people around us”, 2020/9/6, Enchuang Technology officially opened the second corporate sports meeting!

The fun sports meeting takes into account the fun, competition, and health, namely sports, entertainment, culture, and other factors, to show a brand new corporate culture and style. Which can stimulate the staff team to cooperate, help staff dare to struggle and strive for the first spirit. All of us will enjoy the sport and get a harvest from activities.
Through the physical and mental experience, the enterprise team will be melted, the sense of belonging and cooperation spirit of employees will be enhanced, and the enterprise competitiveness will be strengthened too.
◆ Tug-of-war ◆
Men’s Team:

Women’s Team:

The tug-of-war friendly competition opens the chapter of sports events, which also fuel the enthusiasm of sports, stimulate the sports blood of all the members!
I believe that the following sports meeting will have more wonderful content and vivid stories!
Later, we will share some interesting sports stories about our big family with you!


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