Free Disposable Mask for You

Since the outbreak of COVID-2019 in Wuhan, the demand of disposable masks are increasing, and the price is going up too. Therefore, the masks have been the daily necessity during this time. But something worse is that there are a lot of new cases of COVID-2019 in different countries around the world, which ask more protective goods. As we all know that masks are essential for preventing and controlling epidemics. What should we do if we can’t buy them?


In order to thanks those who support us, Enchuang, a professional custom die casting connector shell manufacturer in China decided to provide customers and suppliers with a certain number of disposable masks to alleviate the recent shortage of masks to fight against outbreak together. To protect ourselves; our family and our homeland. This is also a way to take our value into practice: Use our love to benefit people around us!

Only when we use the mask correctly, then we use it effectively. Do you know how to use it correctly? If you don’t, here is how.

1.When you get the masks, place the deeper color outside, and put the metal stick on the upper part of your nose.
2.Put the ear bands on each side of the mask behind your ears,
3.Press the metal stick along both sides of the bridge and pull the lower end of the face mask to the chin

Enchuang, a connector shell manufacturer hope every friend all well ! And Thanks for your support!


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