Features of the process of zinc alloy die casting

During the die casting process,we should pay attention to die casting method, alloy characteristics, mold manufacturing.

Then when we do postprocessing like: grinding, polishing, machining, spraying, electroplating, etc.


Die castings should adopt different surface treatment methods according to different service environments, and the requirements of subsequent processes should be considered in the design.

In different circumstances of filling characteristics,factory should take into account the method of mold processing, drilling and fixed form.By doing these process,mold can meet the production requirements.

As mentioned at the beginning, the filling time of the metal liquid is extremely short,the specific pressure and flow rate of the metal liquid are very high, which makes the working conditions of the die casting mold extremely harsh. In addition, the impact effect of alternating stress of the cold and heat excitation will also have a great impact on the useful life of the mold.


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