FAQ of Zinc alloy Molding

All kinds of Molding(Zinc Alloy&Aluminium Alloy) have useful life.But there have many kinds of problem when Zinc alloy &Aluminium Alloy die casting producing,For example corrosion-pitting,Many zinc alloy die casting factories may also have encountered a problem,that is, zinc alloy die casting mold in the production process for a long time, the surface of the product will have corrosion, what is the cause of the corrosion, why there will be a point.



1) the surface of the die casting mold may have oxidation scale, rust spot and local decarbonization before heat treatment.
2) after mold quenching and heating, improper selection of cooling and quenching medium, excessive impurities or aging in quenching medium.
The mould material is inferior and contains high impurities.
4. The position of the inlet is too close to the position of the product, and the impact force of the raw material entering the mold is too large, resulting in mold corrosion.
If we want zinc alloy die casting die life is longer, we should choose good materials, good processing methods, reasonable mold design.


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