Dongguan City Enchuang Precision Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. Learning During Epidemic Prevention and Control

Recently, in view of the current development of the global epidemic situation, and our company specializes in a custom die casting, foreign trade after the leaders and supervisors communicated, Dongguan City Enchuang Precision Metal Technology Co., Ltd. began to study foreign trade knowledge from time to time. This week we studied the course "Marketing Response after the Epidemic" together. After learning, everyone benefited a lot and wrote their own conclusions and feelings.

In the current situation, the salesman must have solid basic skills, which is also our usual requirement; product basic knowledge; foreign trade basic knowledge and English basic ability. To do the following 3 points: (1) Stand: be able to speak --- familiar with their own products and English express without barriers ; (2) Sit: be able to write --- proficient in professionally related vocabulary, skilled in export basic operating documents; (3) Out: be able to go professionally --- be as a sale engineer, not just a sale. Do the proper thing in different circumstances. And implement it through daily exercises, training, and examinations;
Product marketing strategy, “three buy”, “buy to” --- through online and offline promotion, let more customers know us, self-promotion through exhibitions, websites, email, and other means; “The unit price” --- must not be too high, we have always promoted reasonable prices; “willing to buy” --- mainly from two aspects, one is to maintain good quality so that there are more returned customers, and the second is to ensure good customer service. Service is also a very important link in sales;
It is necessary to recruit the appropriate relevant talents to fill the vacancies; The first is the development of talents, knowing and making good use of them, using their strengths, then to motivating talents, igniting passion, and exerting their greatest strength, and finally retaining talents and improving welfare.
The last parting speech, the way to survive in 2020, "three less; four focus and three cores"
"Three less": 1.Less tossing 2.Less investment 3.Less expansion
"Four focus": 1. Focus on Product 2. Focus on customers 3.Focus on channels 4. Focus on the market
"Three core": 1.Customer as to the core 2.Business as the core 3.Product as the core


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