Die casting processes

The three key essential factors in die casting processes : die casting machine, raw materials and mold.

1.Enchuang have die casting machines from 200T to 20T.
2.Enchuang can produce zinc alloy and aluminium alloy.
3.Enchuang have our own engineer and mold work team.


How a part come ture from drawing to final die casting part?
1. 2D/3D drawing → 2. evaluate by engineers → 3. If the price accepted by the two parties and confirmed the final drawing→ 4. Engineering design mould drawing → 5. mold production→ 6. finished,mold first trial →  7.sent samples to customer and  confirm  →8. place the order of mass production → 9. Pre-production meeting → 10. die cast→ 11. Degating and burring→ 12. Drilling,Tapping → 13. Polishing →  14. Surface treatment → 15. QC → 16.Packing→ 17. Shippment

We are manufacturer specialize in metal connector shell/housing.
Connector housing for kinds of circular connector,receptacle connector,threaded connectors,plug connector SFP,QSFP ect.
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Provide the quality zinc alloy die casting connector housing for them. www.diecastingconnector.com


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