Chinese Enterprises Under the COVID-19

The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. The outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 make us face great challenges. But fortunately, at present, China has achieved a stage victory in epidemic prevention and control. A lot of companies have also resumed production. The following is a brief description of the die-casting industry in the outbreak. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Many companies are turning to produce epidemic prevention supplies, including some zinc alloy die casting factory. Some enterprises affected by the epidemic did not switch to epidemic prevention supplies, but continued to focus on their own business with hard work. Unfortunately, some companies has  declared to give vocation because of deep affected by the outbreak. Behind the vocation, It means thousands of people lose their job. In order to survive in the environment affected by the epidemic, many manufacturers are trying to develop domestic customers when their exports are not so good. And this result to a more and more fierce competition.

Guangdong is one of the earliest provincial capitals open to the outside world in the history of China! In additional, the speed of economic development is also among the best in the country. Dongguan as an important city in Guangdong, the manufacturing industry is intensive with lots of export products! Die casting product is also one of  the exported products . However, due to the impact of the global epidemic, many export orders have been canceled or price has been depressed. Those phenomena are very unfavorable to the development of die-casting manufacturers. Therefore, many manufacturers have temporarily shifted their business focus from abroad to China.


However, Enchuang, a zinc/ aluminum die casting connector shell factory has a strong business team, including domestic trade and foreign trade. So the business scope of the factory covers both home and abroad. Enchuang will not give up the development of foreign markets even in such difficult time with epidemic. Our domestic trade department and foreign trade department will cooperate to expand our business scope together. Enchuang is the trusting supplier of Amphenol, Vetch, IMS and so on. The connector shell/housing we supply among circular connector, rectangle connector, industrial connector, medical connector and communication connector,


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