China's zinc alloy die casting output is racing at high speed

With the continuous improvement of China's casting technology and the improvement of casting quality, domestic casting orders have also continued, and China's casting industry has also begun to be recognized and praised by foreign companies. The production of zinc alloy die casting in China is soaring and developing rapidly,there are two main reasons for this.



One is that due to the development of the global die casting industry, its production focus has gradually shifted to China. Driven by the trend of global economic integration, the demand for zinc alloy die castings in various industries is also increasing. The advantages of thick labor and zinc resources directly promoted the sharp increase in the output of zinc alloy die castings.

The second is driven by the trend of lightweight vehicles. In recent years,  the  optimization and upgrade of the automotive industry has gradually replaced gray iron castings with zinc castings, which has directly triggered the huge demand for the global zinc alloy die castings market and is also continuously stimulating zinc Demand for alloy die




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