Basketball Team


Our daily energy needs are related to our standard bodyweight and labor intensity.

With the acceleration of the pace of urban life, the cooking is not so delicate, white-collar workers often eat fast food. There are many deep-fries, fired and other high-calorie food that appeared on tables. That high fat is bound to bring high calories. It is easy for us to make the intake of excess energy. Then the excess energy is converted into fat and stored away.

As we all know, chronic disease is easy to appear in our body when we get fat. However, exercise can consume a certain amount of energy, so that the human body can achieve energy balance.

The spectrum of human diseases has moved from the era of infectious diseases to the era of chronic diseases. However, the diseases are now turning to psychological illnesses in the 21st century. Exercise is the most effective and commonly used method for most people to relieve mental stress and prevent mental illness.

Therefore, Enchuang, a zinc alloy, and aluminum alloy die casting factory decided to set up a basketball team to enrich our colleagues' spare time life; build a strong body; enhance team cohesion, and promote the physical and mental health development of





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