Autumn Safety

Autumnal incoming

Unconsciously, the pace of autumn is approaching,and we say goodbye to Summer, and gonna enjoy an invigorating autumn climate. However, accidents are always easy to take place in Autumn. Enchuang, a die casting factory heard a few fire accidents from other industrial parks recently.

Fire fighting consciousness

In order to raise fire awareness among staff, the aluminum die-cast factory, Enchuang, hold a meeting to asked the staff to be careful about the fire safety problem. And then, the administration party resend the fire safety control regulations to all of the workers in this zinc die-cast factory and asked them to obey these rules to take responsibility.
Individual Responsibility

As human beings, we should take responsibility for My Own Life!
As we live in a circle, we are supported to maintain the attitude that everyone should pay attention to his or her responsibility.
TIPS: Everyone should pay attention to avoid safety hazards during the operation or during the holiday, and remember to close the water faucet and turn off electricity after work so as to avoid dry fire and other events.
We here sincerely hope all of you can take good care of yourself and the people around you.


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