Application analysis and economic value of die casting

1. Application

First of all, the working conditions and USES of the decompression casting are discussed.

1) structural use: such as automobile, motorcycle parts, motor rotor, gear, frame, shell, support, valve body, lock, etc., as structural parts, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, casting internal quality requirements.



2) decorative USES: such as daily necessities, toys, decorations, hardware, metal buckle, bathroom accessories, etc.
Some custom die casting is a product, casting outside the quality requirements of higher requirements for a smooth surface, beautiful shape.

When the purpose and function of the product are determined, the alloy of a certain brand can be selected and the corresponding die-casting process can be developed to meet the quality requirements.



2. Economic value

The economic value of decompressing castings and the difference between high grade castings and low grade castings are discussed.
High grade products have higher requirements for die casting machine performance and die casting mold manufacturing, so as to ensure that the designed products achieve the maximum use effect and the consistency of economic benefits.


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