Annual Meeting

As the old saying goes, a year's plan begins in spring, and a day's plan begins in the morning! The spring of the year is very important to farmers! In order to have a good harvest in the autumn, the first thing they need to do is to sow and plow hard in the spring. This principle also applies to enterprises! A comprehensive plan is good for the coming year.



The company's annual meeting implies the end of 2019, while it also heralds the arrival of 2020! Time just like this, either the end of the beginning!

On January 11st, 2020, ( zinc alloy die casting manufacturer ) Enchuang technology co., ltd. held an annual meeting which is different from previous years. In previous years, the annual meeting was held in the hotel, but this year, in order to let employees experience the corporate culture more personally, and feel the tacit understanding of cooperation more truly, we decided to carry out in the company. Before the annual meeting, all department staff actively participated in the program registration. There are singing, dancing, skits, stand-up comedy and so on! The variety of programs also portended the wonderful performance. During rehearsals, the participants all worked hard in anticipation of the formal performance, which would bring joy and laughter to the audience! All the participants' efforts were not in vain. At the annual meeting, all the staff was in high spirits and excited. The perfect interpretation of the skits get full of praise from audiences, the graceful dance win the high praise from the spectator, the Stand-up comedy let people burst with laughing! The beautiful song made people feel addictive!


  Company leaders also prepared a variety of gifts for employees to draw! There are many kinds of prizes, such as TV sets, washing machines, ovens, microwave ovens, induction ovens, and other household products, as well as mobile phones, smart bracelets, and other intellectual products. These gifts are all practical things that need to be used in life and will not be wasted.


  Looking forward to 2020, do not forget the original intention, work hard, and adhere to the dream! Keeping happiness in the New Year, remember the experience; save the luck; bring the blessing; spell out a positive and fight out efforts. Bidding farewell to 2019, and meeting 2020 with good luck, Wish the company business is booming, Order daily increase in the cause of glory. Wish you the best! Happy New Year to Everyone.


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