A Brief Introduction of Metal Casting Classification

As we all know, die casting parts can be divided into zinc casting and aluminum alloy casting according to the material. However, do you know if it can be divided by using requirements and surface quality?

According to the usage requirements, aluminum alloy die-casting can be divided into two categories. the first is parts that can withstand heavy loads. In order to improve the performance; service life of the die casting, and more appropriate to meet the use of the environment, such castings have high requirements on size, surface quality, chemical composition, and mechanical properties. The second category is other parts that only have good test results for size, surface quality, and chemical composition.

According to the usage requirements of surface quality, the castings can be divided into three grades. (1) A surface with a demanding coating process. (Chrome plated, polished, ground surfaces ). (2) A surface with a general or sealing coating. (3) A surface with a protective coating surface and fastening contact surface.

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