Zamak 3 Zamak 5Main material of Die casting products

General zinc alloy die casting materials are Zamak 3# and Zamak 5#, in different countries, the License Name is also different. Like Germany, the zinc alloy license numbers are GD-ZnAl4Cu1&GD-ZnAl4.

The casting performance and size of Zamak 3# are relatively stable in die-casting, making and more than 70% of zinc alloy die-casting products use Zamak 3#. Zamak 3# can do electroplating, spraying paint and chromizing surface treatment. Widely used in electronic communication, instrumentation and other mechanical parts; It also been used for toys, accessories, tableware, locks and other advanced hardware.
Zamak 5# has higher hardness and strength than Zamak 3#. The characteristic change of Zamak 5# is due to the addition of 1% copper, so Zamak 5# has excellent casting property, better deformation performance when heated at high temperature than 3#, which can be used for electroplating, cutting and general surface treatment, and is suitable for sports equipment and industrial accessories.

The original material of each model has its different characteristics, so the choice of raw materials is also to choose the appropriate material according to the characteristics of the parts produced.



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