The hard anodic oxidation process

There is no strict boundary between the hard anodic oxidation process and the ordinary anodic oxidation process for aluminum alloy die castings.

The electrolyte temperature: ordinary anodic oxidation electrolyte temperature higher, generally in 18 ~ 22 ℃.

And hard anodic oxidation of the electrolyte temperature is lower, generally below 5 ℃.

In general, the lower the temperature of the electrolyte, the higher the hardness of the anodic oxide film;

Oxidation of aluminum alloy die casting is divided into ordinary oxidation and anodic hard oxidation, oxidation, and ordinary aluminum alloy die casting hard anodic oxidation in common difference is that the thickness of the oxide and the thickness of micron, ordinary aluminum alloy die casting oxide thickness is about 10 microns, and hard oxide anode can reach 40 microns, the price of that hard oxide anode is three times as much ordinary anodic oxidation.



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