Stable Quality Zink Druckguss Connector Shells With Uniform Color And Excellent Corrosion Resistance

  1. Raw Material: Zink alloy.
  2. Material certificate: RoHS; MSDS
  3. Weight: 26g
  4. Finish: Zn-Ni alloy plating
  5. Corrosion resistance: 720-1000H
  6. Tolerance: +/-0.05mm, and special place +/-0.02mm
  7. Roughness: Ra 0.8-Ra12.5
  8. Size: Small to medium
  9. Certificate: ISO9001
  10. Process Technology: Hot Chamber die cast
  11. Cycle time: about 30 days
  12. Drawings: 2D drawing; 3D drawing
  13. Package: blister box, next to standard cartons
  14. Tooling life: 250,000-300,000 shots
  15. Tooling ownership: belongs to customers
  16. 8. Original place: Guangdong, China

Developing Capability:

Stable quality Zink druckguss connector shells with uniform color and excellent corrosion resistance. The Zn alloy die-casting products with small size but very high corrosison resistance. By special treatment, the high pressure molding parts can pass 1000H salt spray test and it is stable. Enchuang have the ability to help you solve the difficult points in Zink druckguss and meet your strict requirements.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

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