Zinc Alloy Die Casting m23 Screw Connector Shells Pass 48h Salt Spray Test

  1. Material: Zamak3
  2. Weight: 22g
  3. Mold cavity: 1*4
  4. Surface treatment: sand blasted and nickle plated
  5. Tolerance range: achieve +/- 0.02- +/-0.05mm
  6. Die casting Roughness: Ra 0.8-Ra12.5 7. Pakage: Plastic bag, next to Carton
  7. Certificate: ROHS, SGS, ISO9001; IAF16949
  8. Process Type: Zinc die cast
  9. Application: Industrial connector
  10. Drawing Formats: 3D with STP or IGS; and 2D with DWG or PDF, ect.,
  11. NDA: Yes, we can sign it.
  12. Original place: Guangdong China

Developing Capability:

Zinc alloy die casting M23 Screw connector shells pass 48H salt spray test with hight quality standard. With the rapid development of automation equipment and industry, the demand of M series die casting connector shells is more and more. This Zamak alloy screw thred connector enclosures can pass 48H salt spray test with Nickel plated. And the precision diemnsion of internal threads are machined by CNC turning machines. This high pressure casting is die-cast by a 88T zinc alloy die casting machine.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

Video Introduction:

Zinc Alloy Casting Production

Die Casting Part CNC Turning



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