Zamak EV Sliding Switch Casting Housing With Beautiful Electroplating Surface

  1. Material: Zamak
  2. Branch: EC Tech
  3. Finish: Pearl chrome plating
  4. Roughness: Ra 0.8-3.2
  5. Certificate: IATF16949
  6. Lead time: 25-45days
  7. Tooling ownership: belongs to who pays it
  8. Certificate: RoHS, REACH
  9. Forming process: hot chamber die cast
  10. Drawings: PDF, DWG, STP
  11. Tooling life: 100,000-150,000 shots
  12. Mold production cycle: 30 days
  13. General tolerance:+/- 0.05mm
  14. Application: EV charging pile

Developing Capability:

Zamak EV sliding switch casting housing with beautiful electroplating surface. The zinc alloy we use meet the Rohs standard content. Each batch of incoming material has report. On the production process, the pressure casting shell will be check per 2 hours. Then to insure the dimensions and preventing unnecessary lost. The die casting molding EV switch’s appearance color will be checked according to engineer signed request sample. The plating surface without damage, scratch, exposed base layer, blister and deformation.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

Video Introduction:

Zinc Alloy Casting Production

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