Stable High Quality Automotive Thread Connector Housing In Dongguan Zn Die Casting Factory

  1. Certificate: ISO9001; IAF16949
  2. Process Type: Zinc precessure die cast
  3. Drawing Formats: 3D (STP or IGS); and 2D (DWG or PDF)
  4. Tolerance zone: achieve +/- 0.02-0.05mm
  5. Die casting Roughness: Ra 0.8-Ra12.5
  6. Mold and sample making time: 35days 7. Tooling service life: 250,000 to 300,000 shots
  7. NDA: Yes, we can sign it.
  8. Material: Zinc 5#
  9. Weiht: 30g
  10. Application: Car connector
  11. Finish: Nickle plating
  12. Salt spray test : 48H or more as your requirement
  13. Pakage: blister box, next to Carton
  14. Original place: Guangdong, China

Developing Capability:

Stable high quality automotive thread connector housing in Dongguan Zn die casting factory. The high precision one-stop pressurre casting solutions will meet your high quality requiremnt. Pass go-no-go guage is one of the basic conditions for the quality casting car connector shells. And the CNC Turning machines in our casting factory could be achieved at 0.005mm. As we are a customized die casting factory, the finish and salt spray test can match your special requirement. In order to provide the suitable die casting solution, the cost and processing precessure will be taken into account.

How long is the pessure die casting tooling life? How about zinc products’ tooling and auluminum alloy products’ tooling?
Different material have metling point. Therefore the tooling life of zinc produts and aluminum product is not the same.
1. Zinc die cast tooling life around 250,000-300,000 shots.
2. Aluminium die casting mold life around 100,000-150,000 shots.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

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Zinc Alloy Casting Production

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