New Energy Connector Housing With Precision Dimension Made By Die Casting Factory

  1. Product Type: Zamak alloy pressure die-cast
  2. Material: Zink 5
  3. Roughness of casting: Ra 0.8-Ra12.5
  4. Salt spray test : 48-96H
  5. Weight: 48g
  6. Surface treatment: Sand blasted and Nickle plated
  7. Pakage: Blister box, next to Carton
  8. Material Report: RoHS report
  9. Casting Appearance: surface without sand hole and blister
  10. Tolling Life: 300,000 times 4. Drawing Formats: 3D drawings with STP, IGS, and 2D drawings with DWG, PDF ect.,
  11. Certificates: SGS, IATF16949, SDS, or to do test by the third party.
  12. NDA: It’s ok to sign NDA
  13. Place of Original : Guangdong, China.

Developing Capability:

New energy connector housing with precision dimension made by Guangdong customized zinc alloy die casting factory. New energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century. The EV Cars are environmental products and the goverment support it too. As a Zamak and aluminum alloy automotive connector housing provider, we try our best to supply quality connector enclosures with beautiful plated appearance. The zinc alloycasting precision we can achieve +/- 0.05mm, and the local part can achieve +/-0.02mm.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

Video Introduction:

Zinc Alloy Casting Production

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